Massage Styles at Byron Bay Massage Clinic

Zen Thai shiatsu

Combining these ancient forms of body work delivers an incredible massage. It is the massage that truly induces a deep meditative relaxation. Releasing muscle tension, aches and pains through stretches and pressure along the meridians, with deep slow breathing.
Traditional thai massage is also known as ‘lazy mans yoga’

Like shiatsu the client lays on a mat dressed in comfortable loose clothing and the practitioner uses their palms, fingers, elbows, knees, and feet to apply various pressures . the pressure can be very strong as the practitioner can use their whole body weight. (Yet all treatments are tailored to each clients needs).

When the energy channels are obstructed through emotional or physical trauma, postural imbalances or external invasion of pathogens, the natural healing mechanisms of our body are challenged and the ‘free flowing river’ often stagnates. The result is pain, low energy and a general loss of the feeling of well being..
You will leave the session feeling energised, calm and weightless.