Welcome to Byron Bay Massage Clinic

Located in Suffolk Park, Byron Bay Massage Clinic is the place to come to be stress and pain free, energised, calm and centred.

Massages include professional Shiatsu, Traditional Thai Massage, Swedish, Remedial, Hot Rocks, Deep tissue and Pregnancy massage. With over 20yrs experience I provide a service where each treatment is tailored to individuals needs.

Your massage is designed to be both beneficial and pleasurable. While gently easing aches and pains, you can experience calmness and release stress with a variety of therapeutic reactions also occurring.

These include improved blood flow and circulation which can improve skin appearance and help eliminate waste products. The body’s immune system can be enhanced through better functioning of the lymphatic system improving defence against illness and infection.

Regular massage assists with digestion and better absorption of nutrients. It stimulates thousands of nerve endings which have been shown to be effective in pain reduction through endorphin production, the body’s natural pain killers.

By creating a harmonious effect on the whole body, massage gently nurtures physically, mentally and emotionally to help you cope with the many pressures and anxieties built into a busy lifestyle.

Many Doctors have rediscovered the therapeutic benefits of human touch and are prescribing massage more frequently than ever. To achieve optimum fitness for your mind and body. Make massage an enjoyable part of your total health maintenance.

Tamika Sharpe ND
Fully qualified with 20 years experience.