Byron Bay Massage Clinic

At Byron bay massage clinic here in Suffolk Park the massage therapists are highly trained in Therapeutic massage.

Providing deeply relaxing massage that is restorative, supporting pain reduction and deeply nurturing

We provide deeply relaxing massage. Our passion for healing through massage has grown over the 20yrs of our business.

Here at Byron Bay massage clinic we love helping people and supporting them to gain greater health and giving them the tools they need to experience a more balanced way of life.

We offer many forms of body work including Shiatsu, Traditional Thai Massage, Zen Thai Shiatsu, Swedish, Remedial, Hot Rocks, Deep tissue, Reiki and Pregnancy massage.



Massage at Byron Bay massage clinic has therapists that truly see the direct connection of the body and mind and the need to create balance and harmony by supporting the free flow of energy in the body.

Massage  is an amazing tool to experience deep peace by calming the mind and reconnecting with a deep reservoir of life force and energy within, relieving tension and pain.
When we can connect with ourselves we can connect with nature and others and there is    true joy.