I have been having massage regularly at Byron Bay Massage clinic / Suffolk Park massage and I am blown away by the professionalism and incredible massages, I could not recommend highly enough. Thank you kindly.

Rebecca Clarence.



I have been to many massage therapists in Byron Bay, and I was blown away by my experience with Tamika. I feel that she is a master of her craft and truly loves, and lives what she does. Her love and dedication to her craft come through in so many ways, such as her attention to detail, the ginger tea, the light peaceful room, the way she uses towels and sarongs.

Tamika has an incredible understanding of human beings.
It is a true joy and pleasure to experience a massage treatment with her.
I can’t wait until my next opportunity to have another one.

Ross Adams

Yoga Teacher, Suffolk Park


I have experienced the therapeutic and healing benefits of  the team from Suffolk Park Massage practise. Bringing a high degree of professionalism in a soothing and pleasant surroundings.
 I have no hesitation in recommending others.

Beverly James

Counselling and meditation teacher, Brisbane

I’ve been to Tamika regularly, every month over the last couple of years, because I spend too much time working at a desk.
She offers a great massage, and uses a variety of techniques, depending on your needs.
She is professional, reliable, and listens to your needs as well as your to how your body responds.
Highly recommended!

Leigh Rolfe

Director, School Stream Byron Bay